Learners will have the opportunity to deepen skills and integrate their perspectives into the Canadian health care context through application of online resources and interaction with faculty and peers using both online and onsite learning resources. The focus during onsite sessions will be practice and integration of practical and interpersonal skills using lab and classroom facilities at the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto. Classrooms and labs are equipped with the newest technologies which include the SIM labs housing high-fidelity simulation mannequins to practice high-risk skills in a safe learning environment. Our goals are to create a supportive learning environment for all internationally educated physiotherapists, to recognize and value the strengths of each individual and to assist each individual to identify and address their own needs in preparation for the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) and the Canadian healthcare workplace.


The focus in Term One is to refresh and rebuild fundamental physical therapy knowledge and skills across the breadth of physical therapy practice. Learners will integrate clinical reasoning and practical skills in cardiorespiratory, neuromusculoskeletal, and neurological physical therapy practice, including applications to patients with complex needs across the continuum of care (acute, rehab and community). Learners will also have the opportunity to practice communication skills (written, verbal, non-verbal) and to explore ways to build positive therapeutic and interprofessional relationships, emphasizing person-centred, interprofessional care. Critical skills in exam preparation strategies and professional skills in preparation for Clinical Internship 1 will be a focus. At all times, an evidence-based, clinical reasoning, self-reflective approach to learning and practice will be emphasized.

CLINICAL INTERNSHIP 1 - 6 WEEKS, Non-Paid and Full-time

The 6-week full-time unpaid clinical internship provides learners the opportunity to integrate theory into Canadian Physical Therapy practice. Under the supervision of a registered physiotherapist, learners collaborate with healthcare team members to further develop competence in communication and documentation and consolidate fundamental Physical Therapy assessment, analysis and treatment skills.


The focus in Term Two is on further integration of clinical reasoning and practical skills, including application to specialized practice areas (paediatrics, oncology, amputation, burns, etc.) across the continuum of care. Learners will be challenged further to deepen their clinical reasoning skills, advance their communication, practical skills, professional behaviours and reflect on their role and responsibilities in practice as applied to case scenarios. Learners will complete Term Two with strategies that address exam-preparation, workplace integration, professional practice requirements and skills for lifelong reflective practice. All of these aspects are critical for successful entry to the Canadian workforce as a strong contributor to the healthcare team.

CLINICAL INTERNSHIP 2 - 6 WEEKS, Non-Paid and Full-Time

The 6-week full-time unpaid clinical internship commences near the end of the program and provides learners the opportunity to further consolidate clinical practice skills, and refine communication and professional behaviours. Under the guidance of a registered physiotherapist, learners will manage a caseload and interact as a member of the healthcare team. Both Clinical Education opportunities are important to build a professional network and gain working experience in the Canadian workplace.