Completing the OIEPB program at U of T has been an amazing experience. So many aspects of the program were transformative in a way I didn’t expect. When I was getting my training in India, there was an empasis on theory-based learning. In Canada, it’s been very much hands-on. U of T and the OIEPB program gave me a new way of learning, which has been an invaluable addition to my knowledge and skillset as a physiotherapist.


When I came to Canada, navigating the system was tough. I didn’t know where to turn or what the next steps were. I felt like I was stuck in a maze on the way my physiotherapy career. The OIEPB Program helped me through that and set me up for success. The mentorship, quality of education and networking opportunities I’ve received have been unparalleled. The faculty and staff are extremely dedicated, supportive and passionate about teaching, and it makes a huge impact on the learning experience. They really go the extra mile. I am so grateful for their support and encouragement. I always feel confident recommending this program to other internationally-educated physiotherapists, because I know first-hand how it works and how enriching it is.