Welcome Class of 2021

The bridging program welcomes the Class of 2021, the 9th cohort since it started as a pilot program in 2012.  These internationally educated physical therapists (IEPTs) emigrated from their home countries of Bangladesh, Brazil, Denmark, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines and Poland with many goals especially one of practicing as physical therapists in Ontario.


The OIEPB Website has been a source of information and resources for many IEPTs as well for their colleagues, bridging Alumni and the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators. Eager to re-start their professional careers, they were confident the program would help them refresh their foundational physical therapy knowledge, gain practical experience through two clinical internship opportunities and help them integrate within the Canadian healthcare system.


Most importantly, they will build a new network and gain more confidence to be successful when challenging the national Physiotherapy Competency Exams (PCE). Once licensure to practice is achieved, these IEPTs are presented with many more employment opportunities and can choose to practice in Ontario or anywhere in Canada!


So excitement was in the air during Residency week at the end of April. The week was jammed packed and designed to help the incoming class become familiar with all aspects of the program.  This year reprogramming had to be initiated to comply with the University’s directive to have all faculty, staff and students to work online only.  The learners were able to access all of the information on online regarding the curriculum and schedule, clinical education, mentorship and life at the University of Toronto. Although different than we were all used to, it was a great start to an unusual year.


During Residency week, Class President Nominations were held.  Charlene Butler and Susan Abraham Chalukunnel were elected as the 2021 Co-Class Presidents.  They are honoured to be representing their classmates as Co-class President.


Residency week wouldn’t be complete without the traditional cultural potluck lunch. This year was no exception as the class, faculty, staff, alumni and mentors came together virtually to share their favourite dishes. Everything looked digitally delicious.  Another gastronomic feast was in the books and a great way to kick off the bridging program and connect during the 2020 quarantine!


Since May, the class has completed their first fundamentals module in cardiorespiratory practice and now onto the Neuromusculoskeletal (NMSK) module. During the summer, they reviewed neurological fundamentals and consolidate these areas of physical therapy practice to give them the confidence to shine during their first clinical internships in October and November. Preparation is one of the keys to their success!


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